Love can grow from the last grain

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Hi. My name is Tatiana. This is a collection of things that obsess me. I'm a seeker. In love with space, science, literature, philosophy, music and art. Feel free to ask me anything

have you ever suddenly realized that you stopped seeing someone’s posts on tumblr for a while and just get really, really scared?


I think it’s important for people to understand that muscle weighs more than fat and that weight is just how much gravity is on your body.

Here is some background to this: I’ve struggled with that number on the scale for years and I always thought I’d feel better when it was lower, but honestly I was just grumpy, malnourished, and exhausted. Right now, I am 5’3.5 and I weigh around 114/115 pounds, which for me is high on the range of my weight. BUT that weight is solid muscle. I could crush your face with my thighs, I could climb a fucking mountain, I could bench, I can do squats like you wouldn’t believe, I could beat the shit out of someone. And it feels motherfucking fantastic. I look good, I’m sexy as hell and I feel like I could kill a man with my bare hands. I feel so much better than I did when I weighed 102 pounds and was cold all the time and looked like I had tuberculosis and ran out of breath going up the 6 stairs from my room to the living room.

Muscle may weigh more than fat but I’d much rather have extra muscle weight than extra fat weight. I think it’s important for people to consider that trying to be really skinny will likely make you feel like shit, but trying to be really fit makes you feel awesome and like you’ve really accomplished something. Maybe you guys disagree, it’s just a thought I guess.

Ps: this is in no way hating on natural body types, thick or thin. I’m just saying that people might want to re-evaluate their priorities between fit or skinny

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